Membership Forms

PLEASE NOTE. For all bookings you can save PLENTY of time by downloading the membership form now and having each member of your group fill it out before you arrive. Each player needs to think of a codename or alias that they will play under. Codenames must be 15 characters or less including spaces. Offensive names will be rejected.

Option A. This is the quickest way. Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet. Simply fill in the form with all the player details, save it and email a copy back to us.

Option B. If you do not have Excel then click here to download a pdf of our membership forms. Print the form, fill it out and fax to 3891 6337 or mail to:

PO Box 8147
Woolloongabba 4102


Birthday Invitations

If you have booked a Laserforce birthday party download and print these invites to give to your friends. Get them to fill out a Membership Form as well. Please click on the appropriate link below.

Male Invite

Female Invite


Exclusive Use

A general information sheet on Exclusive Use bookings.

General Price List

A Microsoft Word document of our price sheet for groups and individuals.

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Mission Stats

Want to see your mission history? Type in your membership number found on the back of your membership card then click go.

To see the top 100 Laserforce players, click here to view rankings

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