How To Play

The aim of the Laserforce game in its most simple form is to zap other players to score points. Bonus points are awarded for destroying various devices in the arena such as the Generators, Defdroid, the Warbots & Jade Serpent. Our two most common games are Teams and Individual.

Generally, in a team game you score points as follows:

  • Zap another player                                         -  100 points
  • Destroy the opposing team's Generator        - 1001 points
  • Destroy the Defdroid                                      - 1001 points
  • Zap the Warbot                                              -     50 points
  • Defeat the Jade Serpent                                - 5000 points

Useful tips

  • Make sure that you get the Generators and Defdroid. They are worth big points. You destroy them by getting three hits in a row on them - one,two, three. If you miss on any shot then you must start again. Everyone in the game can destroy the Generators once.
  • When you get hit, hide somewhere quickly and don't show yourself until you are reactivated.
  • Avoid staying in the open, choose somewhere where you have your back covered.
  • In team games always have another player near you for back up.

Click here to have a look at our arena to plan some strategies.


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