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  • $28.99 Classic party

    Your friends will receive: 3 games of Laserforce, a membership card, a small slushie... read more

  • $36.99 Force package

    Your friends will receive: 5 games of Laserforce, a membership card, a small slushie... read more

  • $35.50 Teen party

    Your friends will receive: 5 games of Laserforce, a membership card, a medium slushie... read more

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  • $35.99 15 years and under

    All day from 9:30am until 3:30pm. Free small slushie. Trophies for the best scores.

  • $2.20 Membership Card

    Don't forget your ID card! If you’re not a member we’ll make an ID card for you for $2.20!

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  • Juniors (15 yrs & under)

    3 games for $19.00 or even better grab a 6-pak for only $29! read more

  • Adults

    You can pick up 3 games for $23 or a 6-pak for $36. Bargain!!! read more

  • $2.20 Membership card

    New members can get the same deal but will need to get a membership card for $2.20!

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  • $42.00 Party Night!

    Played from 6:30pm until midnight.

  • $42.00 Midnight to dawn!

    Played from midnight until 6:00am.

  • $72.00 Party all night!

    Played from 6:30pm until 6:00am.

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Off peak times have several advantages read more Upcoming Kid's Day Thursday's 26th September read more Holiday Specials available during school holidays. Upcoming Party Night + Midnight to Dawn Saturday 21st September

WHAT's New?

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Super Sunday Sessions have arrived at Laserforce! 

 5pm - 7pm Unlimited Games of Laserforce for members
$25 for adults and $20 for Juniors! Not a member? Join for only $2.20!
Starting this weekend!! Book now and mention the website special!




8 thrilling attractions
 open now!

 1. The Time Vortex - Activate the vortex and get lost in time

2. Achievements - Are you up to the challenge?

3. The Labyrinth - dodge the lasers and race the clock!

4. Newly refurbished briefing room, armoury, plus new sections in the arena!

5. Refurbshed observation deck with cool walk through

6. All new light show in the arena!

7. New interactive targets in the arena!

8. New arcade games!

WHAT's happening?


What is

Laserforce players can now check their stats, view their history, ranking and compare with other players online from all over the world.  Learn all about Laserforce, including mission types, skill levels, special abilities, battle suit capabilities and special tips


Laserforce league

 If you enjoy Party Night or playing Laserforce you could join our League!! League is played on Monday and Tuesday nights starting at 6:30pm-9pm (roughly).  You will be allocated a team depending on which grade (A, B or C) you qualify for.  If you wish to join the Laserforce league please call or email us your details and we will forward them onto the league organiser to join the next season. Winners receive trophies!  Hard core league players even travel around the world to play in the tournaments.  Brisbane has some of the best league players in the world!! 

Costs $22 (includes your rego - for trophies)

Practice - $14 (on nights that there are no competitions)

If you play both Monday and Tuesday nights you can have 10% off!!

What is Laserforce?

Laserforce is a live action laser game where players battle it out in a 600 square metre twin level playing arena. Step first into the Briefing Room to discover what your mission is. Next is the armoury where you strap on your Gen7 Laserforce Battlesuit vest and phaser. Then it is off into the arena, dimly lit with fog swirling - you think you are in a Star Wars set!

Watch out for the opposition players and the interactive targets hidden throughout the arena - zap them before they get you! The thumping sound track, spectacular light show and vibrant laser beams all add to making Laserforce a wonderful experience that you will always remember. Play in teams or everyone for themselves. Up to 50 people can play at once.

Who Plays Laserforce?

40% of our customers are over 18 years old. Laserforce is for the young and the older. Laserforce is extremely popular as a birthday party venue and is equally popular a great stress relief for staff parties and corporate team building. No matter what the age Laserforce is just great FUN.   

Latest News 


On Thursday 4th of July Laserforce hosted it's biggest Kid's Day event in recent history. Over 200 players attended and over 1850 games were played in 6 continuous hours of non-stop Laserforce action.

Kid's Day is an event we host during school holidays and is purely for kid's aged 7-15. For just $33.99 per person, kid's can play Laserforce from 9:30am - 3:30pm. Parents can read a book while they enjoy a coffee from the Space Marines Cafe. Kid's can come to hone their skills, level up or just have FUN. We give out trophies for the day's top score in each age group and each player recieves a free small slushie. Our next Kid's Day event is Thursday 26th September, don't miss out! Bookings are limited to the first 200 players. 

Laserforce. You Don't just play the game - You become part of it! 

New onboard character class customisation for Dungeons & Dragons and Space Marines. 

For role playing game types such as Dungeons & Dragons and Space Marines, you can now customise the character class you play as in the game through your own battlesuit!  Once you log-on, simply hold down the special features button to enter the customisation mode, your on-board computer will then prompt you to pull the trigger to change the selection. Once you are happy with your character class, hold down the special features button to save the selection and then enter the arena.

Haven't tried our more challenging role playing games? Get down to Laserforce on Thursday night for our Thursday night special. For just $35 per person you can play unlimited games of Laserforce from 6:30pm - 9:30pm and try out some of our more advanced game types such as Shadows, Highlander and Uber. Come alone or bring some friends. It pays to book in advance, call 3891 1031 or book online.     


Are you coming to Laserforce? Before you do, check out our online store for a display of all our cool merchandise products including boys, girls & space marines t-shirts, flashing cups and gift vouchers. All Laserforce merchandise products are available over the counter inside the Laserforce cafe.

Birthday party's get special discounts on merchandise products! For just an extra $2 per person, you can get everyones slushie come out in a fantastic Laserforce flashing cup that all the kids can take home!  To arrange flashing cups just speak with any one of our friendly staff.      


Earlier this year you may have been watching an episode of NCIS where two detectives visit a Laserforce centre to question a witness, and everyone in the scene is wearing Laserforce battlesuits.  In case you missed it, you can check out the scene here. The scene was filmed on set, where the battlesuits were provided by Lathan Gareiss, owner of Xtreme Adventures Laserforce centre in Florida America.  

Brisbane team wins international lasertag tournament in new york city

Congratulations to all our Brisbane Laserforce Space Marines players that participated and also won the recent nationals tournament held in New York City. News Channel 9 Story



There are now two mighty Warbots who gaurd the arena, now tracking back and forth searching for unsuspecting space gladiators. Zap the mighty Warbots for extra points - but beware - the mighty Warbots..... Zap back!


You know the two main generator towers that have the team targets in? Well now they are super cool. New light show, the targets change position during the game and now the generators randomly explode once per game. Take protective cover because if you get caught in the open you will be destroyed by the radiation storm. WARNING, WARNING, TAKE PROTECTIVE COVER.


GREAT FUN FOR LITTLE KIDS. The Phaser Observation Deck Stations or P.O.D.S. have arrived. Now you can join in the game from the obs deck by using tokens in our coin operated Laserforce stations. You score points by zapping the players and by zapping the targets visible from the PODS gallery. IMPORTANT - players can never deactivate you or score points from you, and you can never deactivate players in the arena. PODS have no affect on players in the game at all. All the PODS do is allow you to score points by zapping players and targets - it is great fun.

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Mission Stats

Want to see your mission history? Type in your membership number found on the back of your membership card then click go.

To see the top 100 Laserforce players, click here to view rankings

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