New Members

Prices are as follows. Each Laserforce Mission, including briefing takes about 15 minutes to complete with the actual game time a little less than that. As a guide if you choose a 3 game package you will be here about an hour, and a 5 game package will be about an hour and a half to two hours.

You require a Laserforce Membership Card to play. It costs $2 for a lifetime membership. Remember to bring this with you to utilise members prices. If you forget your card you can replace it for $2.00.


General Pricing

Laserforce General PricingAll Ages
Membership Card (required)$2.00
One Mission$15.00
Two Missions$25.00
Three Missions$30.00
Additional Missions (beyond three)$8.00
Variety Deal

Includes: 1 Laserforce Mission, 1 Mini-Golf Game and 1 Laser Labyrinth
*Adult supervision is required for Mini-Golf
Additional Missions (Variety Deal)$10.00
2-Hour Special

Includes: Unlimited Laserforce, Labyrinth & Arcade (no tickets)

*M-F 9am-2pm only. Not available during school holidays or public holidays.


Side Attraction Pricing

Side Attraction Pricing
9-Hole Mini-Golf$12
1 Labyrinth Game$4
2 Labyrinth Games$7
3 Labyrinth Games$10
$20 Arcade CreditBonus $4
$30 Arcade CreditBonus $8
$40 Arcade CreditBonus $12
$50 Arcade CreditBonus $16
Karaoke 2hr (8 - 10p)$150
Karaoke Additional Hr$60


Specials Pricing

Specials Pricing
Membership Card (required)$2
Adult League
Mon 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Wormhole Wednesdays
Wed 6pm - 8pm
Laser Legends Night
Thu 6pm - 9pm
Super Sundays
Sun 5pm - 7pm
Family Fun Day
Fri 9:30am - 3:30pm
*only during school holidays
Party Night
Sat 6pm - 10:30pm
*only when scheduled

Important Information

It is strongly recommended that you book prior to coming in, even if there are just a few of you.

Table policy: We have a large number of tables. Groups are not normally entitled to use the tables UNLESS you have booked a birthday package, exclusive use OR it is noted in your booking that a table has been authorised. This means if you are a group and have booked for games only then you will not normally be entitled to a table. Of course we will make efforts to provide a table if one is readily available.

Parking: There is parking under the building, in the driveway and off street parking in Wilton and Hawthorne Streets. We strongly advise that if trying to park under the building on a busy day that you send someone up to have a look first!

Have an event coming up?