What is Laserforce?

Laserforce is celebrating over thirty years as Brisbane’s one-stop destination for interactive entertainment that puts players in control. Battle it out in our mammoth 600m2, two-tiered laser tag arena, challenge yourself with our Laser Labyrinth Maze Challenge and score some sweet loot on the arcade floor.

Who Plays Laserforce?

Laserforce is for everyone.

Come as an individual or in a group and jump straight into a match with other players. Our youngest recommended playing age is 7, but Laserforce remains competitive no matter what your age. In fact, 40% of our players are over 18 years old.

Laserforce is a popular destination for birthday parties, family outings and workplace team building. You can even hire Laserforce for your exclusive use: perfect for corporate events, sporting club end-of-season breakups, hens and bucks parties, you name it.

Our Arena

At Laserforce, you not only battle it out against other players, but the arena itself. Struggle to stay alive against smart, interactive targets like the Warbots and Jade Serpent. Find all kinds of secret targets for bonus points, collect power ups, and shutdown the nuclear reactors before you’re bathed in deadly radiation.

Find out more about our arena below.

Briefing Room

This is where it all starts.

Become initiated as a Space Marine and learn the basics so you can hit the ground running. All players are inducted into Laserforce with a short briefing and video presentation to quickly get them up to speed and ready for action.

Armoury – Lock and load!

Laserforce has been manufacturing and battle testing our own equipment for thirty years, longer than anyone else, making Laserforce gear the pinnacle of laser tag technology.

Equip yourself in the latest Battle Suit, fully synched to the Laserforce arena. This allows for real-time interaction between you, the arena, and other players. This enables Laserforce missions to be fast paced, dynamic, and adapt to players’ actions as the game progresses. Laserforce technology also allows for persistent stats, achievements, and high score tracking.

Time Vortex

The time vortex is the latest addition to the Laserforce Arena.

Seek out the glowing entry portal, destroy the time crystals and step into the vortex. A stunning display of special effects transports the player through interstellar dimensions as they cross the bridge through the Time Vortex.


Two mighty Warbots guard the Laserforce arena, patrolling for unsuspecting Space Marines.

Zap the Warbots for extra points, but beware, the Warbots fight back.

In some game modes players can take control of the Warbots for their team, making them a helpful ally or a deadly enemy.

The Jade Serpent

The Jade Serpent is a foul abomination from the deepest corner of space.

She lurks in the darkest section of the Laserforce arena. If you can find the Jade Serpent’s lair, put an end to her evil by destroying her hatchlings. Doing so will awake a powerful foe, the Jade Serpent herself. Do the universe a favour and put her out of her misery. Destroying the Jade Serpent awards more points than any other target in the Laserforce arena, but it won’t be easy.

Laser Labyrinth Maze Challenge

Dodge the lasers and race the clock. When you enter The Labyrinth, you will find yourself amidst a web of lasers. It’s a race to climb through the lasers and deactivate each of the glowing panels without breaking any of the beams.

There are various levels of difficulty to the Laser Labyrinth Maze Challenge. The less beams you break, the faster your time and the better your score will be.

Play alone or in teams of two and see if you can beat the top score.


Find out more about our extras using the tabs below.


The Laserforce Arcade is packed with new and retro video games like Daytona Racing, Big Buck, Big Bass Fishing, and Point Blank.

Test your skill on the redemption arcade games to earn tickets and win great prizes.

Space Marine Café

The kids are happy playing Laserforce so now you can sit down and relax. The Space Marines Café serves up Aromas Black Label blend coffee, cakes, and hot pastries.

Coffee and cake special – Small coffee with a muffin for only $6.50

Laser Tag Trainer

The Laserforce Laser Tag Trainer uses real phasers to hone your skills. Six players can play at once, competing to zap targets and win tickets to redeem cool prizes. Work your way through the levels to practise your accuracy, reaction speed and snap shooting.


The Phaser Observation Deck Stations, or P.O.D.S, allows players on the observation deck to score points by zapping the Space Marines and targets in the arena. While those manning the P.O.D.S won’t affect what happens in the arena, P.O.D.S are great fun, especially for the little kids too young to enter the arena just yet.

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Join the League

The Laserforce League is for the diehard players. Players battle it out in a special game mode called Space Marines 5 every Monday night from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. This is a very competitive evening of fun. Register your interest to join.

Join the league