Stunning Infinity lighting makes for epic elemental team colours: 

Unique animated chest screen showing off your avatar.

Sleek styling makes our battlesuits better than starring in a sci-fi movie.

Configurable player features of scatterbeam, charge shot and torchbeam. 

Phaser touch screen to flick through to see your mission progress and customise your battlesuit.

Brand new achievement challenges for you to chase and collect.

The Laserforce arena has had a terrific makeover with out of this world lighting effects.

Quality airbrushed black light artwork will excite your senses.

New arcade games and prize machines

…and of course brand new Gen8 Laserforce gear. Be the first in the world to try it.

How to Play

Once briefed, players are equipped with a Gen8 Battle Suit complete with their own phaser. Players then take to the field to compete in one of multiple game modes.

In its simplest forms, the Individual and Team game modes, Laserforce requires players to score the most points. Points are scored by zapping the targets on competitors’ battle suits to deactivate them. Additional points are earned by zapping the interactive targets present in the arena.


Depending on the game mode, a player’s suit will be reactivated after a short period of being zapped. Advanced game modes contain additional rules and goals beyond just scoring the most points.

Players also collect achievements, rank up, and improve upon their position on the leader board.

Skill Levels

The skill level system is designed to reward the players with a higher skill level while still keeping a level playing field between the new and more experienced players.

As a result, L4 players must zap an L1 or L2 player twice instead of the usual once to power their suit down. At L5 & L6, a player must zap L1 and L2 players three times, and zap L3 players twice to power their suits down.

As you progress in skill level, you also again special abilities to use during the game. These abilities are only usable on the higher level players to keep it fair for our newer players.

Level 1 Recruit
New players start here (average score of less than 1500)

Level 4 Captain
Complete 6 missions with an average score of 4501 – 6500

Level 7
Complete 15 missions (including 5 as a ‘Laser Master’) with an average score of 9601 – 11200

Level 2 Gunner
Complete 2 missions with an average score of 1500 – 3000

Level 5 Starlord
Complete 8 missions with an average score of 6501 – 8000

Level 8
Complete 20 missions (including 5 as a ‘Conqueror’) with an average score of 11201 – 12800

Level 3 Trooper
Complete 4 missions with an average score of 3001 – 4500

Level 6 Lasermaster
Complete 10 missions with an average score of 8001 – 9600

Level 9
Complete 25 missions (including 5 as a ‘Titan’) with an average score above 12801

Special Abilities

As players rise in skill level they are rewarded with additional abilities.

How do special abilities tie into the ones you gain on the battlefield by shooting the targets?

L1 – Rapid Fire
Rapid fire is activated by zapping two enemies in a row. You remain on rapid fire until you are hit. After each rapid-fire activation, the number of consecutive hits needed to reactivate it is increased.

L2 – Invulnerability
After zapping five enemies in a row, the player becomes invulnerable to all other players’ phasers for ten seconds.

L3 – Payback
Payback allows you to immediately power back up after being hit. Once down, hold the trigger for two seconds to activate Payback and come alive again. Your suit will notify you if you have obtained the Payback feature.

L4 – Missiles
Hitting an enemy with a missile rewards the player with more points than simply zapping them with the phaser. Stay locked onto a player until you hear the third high pitched beep and then let off a missile. You can only use missiles on L4 players and higher.

L5 – Reset
Reset allows you to zap a downed player even if you were the last person to hit them. Your suit will notify you if you have obtained the Reset feature.

L6 – Nuke
Nukes knock-out every other L6 player on the field no matter where they are. Hold the trigger button down for two seconds to activate the nuke. You must remain powered up for another three seconds until the nuke detonates.

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Game Modes

Head to iplaylaserforce.comthe official website for Laserforce members, for in-depth information on the game of Laserforce, leader boards and stats, as well as tips and tricks.

Visit the following links to find out more about our Game Modes.

Standard | Advanced | Role Playing | Novelty


Thanks to our fully networked Laserforce equipment, Laserforce maintains persistent, real-time tracking of all our players’ stats and scores. See how you measure up against other Laserforce players, not just in Brisbane, but from all over the world.

You will find your membership number on the back of your card


Are you up to the challenge? For decades one of the main objectives of playing Laserforce has been to increase your average score, progress to the next skill level, and unlock a new ability to annihilate your opponents.

Now Laserforce has introduced collectible Achievements. Collect Achievements by completing the in-game challenges revealed to players as they progress. Each challenge will test you on a different aspect of the Laserforce experience.

Challenges can be viewed at the member kiosks, and completed Achievements appear on your profile. Compete with friends to see who can get the most, or quest to collect all possible achievements. Good luck Space Marines.

Check out IPlayLaserforce